Hotel Royal Courts

There are three basic materials for covering: wood, metal and ceramic tiles. We had designed this house with panoramic windows, so we only filled it up with functionality.


The clients, who make frequent meetings with their friends, wanted a kitchen to be in the middle of the organised events, despite eating out daily. After a few approaches, we managed to develop the concept of centrally located, multifunctional module that can be freely walked around. Thanks to the use of moving panels, it sinks into the background on daily basis, and shelves give it a sense of a modest wall with a bookshelf.

Hotel Royal Courts
Montemorelos N.L.
December 2017
850 m2
9910 Royal Courts - 5 de 5
9910 Royal Courts - 4 de 5
9910 Royal Courts - 3 de 5
9910 Royal Courts - 2 de 5
9910 Royal Courts - 1 de 5